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The Human Side of Human Resource Management
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The Human Side of Human Resource Management

Ab. Aziz Yusof, 2014

ISBN 978-967-0474-92-2, 314 pages, RM 53.00


Human resource is the most valuable asset in an organization as it is managed, operated and run by them. The progress, survival and success of the organization is totally depends on the capabilities and the competitiveness of their HR especially in the era of critical and drastic change. As a result, HR manager has to face a more competitive, uncertain and complex HR expectations, needs and wants in a turbulent business environment. Therefore, his ability in managing HR is becoming more crucial to the success and the survival of the organisation.


As HR manager is the key player in running the organisation, it is important for him to ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach, by putting in balance both the human side which is considered as soft HRM and the technical side which is considered as hard HRM, need to be simultaneously taken into consideration. Therefore, managing the human side of human resource—culture, symbols, diversity, humour, emotional intelligence, justice, forgiveness, and spirituality—is believed to be far more complicated than managing the technical side of it. The human side of human resource management treats employees

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