Impact of CGC on Small Business in Malaysia
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Impact of CGC on Small Business in Malaysia

Sudin Haron & Bala Shanmugam

No. 2/1996, ISSN938-1227-19, 13 pages, RM 5.00


In Malaysia, small enterprises are defined as business with net assets of up to RM500,000. Application of this definition means that well over 95 per cent of Malaysia’s gross output is produced by small enterprises. Consequently this sector must be regarded  as a very, if not the most, important sector in the commercial economy.


The government in recognizing  its importance, has established well over 30 agencies to assist this sector (Shanmugam,1988). As the availability of finance was a major problem amongst the small enterprises (Chee, Puthucheary & Lee,1979) a special agency was established to facilitate the flow of finance to this sector. The paper evaluates the impact of this agency on small businesses in Malaysia.

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