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Enhancing Your Personal Q
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Enhancing Your Personal Q
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Enhancing Your Personal Q

Henarath H.D.N.P. Opatha & Lim Kong Teong, 2014

ISBN 978-967-0474-39-7, 287 pages, RM 51.00


Penerima Anugerah Buku Negara 2015

Buku Umum Terbaik (Kategori Motivasi)


This simplified pioneering innovative book is about how to enhance Personal Quality (PQ) which is the totality of positive attributes a person must possess in order to achieve success and progress of success at work and personal life. PQ is a sine qua none to generate professionals who will not engage in frauds, corruptions, evil conflicts, assassinations, assaults, retaliations and wars and who will contribute to alleviate the plight.


Serious reading of the book will make you, the readers, becoming a good citizen of the country; a person of good personal character; a professional who is special, giving from his/ her heart, in making the world a better place for those whose lives he/she touches; a professional who can make a significant and unique contribution to human development and institutional development; and a professional who has passion and always prepare mentally and physically in continuous learning and self-development.


Enhancing Your Personal Q was designed to provide a systematic and rational understanding of PQ, both conceptual and application-oriented understanding. It focuses on personal character, personal management and personal key success factors which are the three dimensions of PQ. The book is an essential reference to everyone who wishes to become an appropriate professional in any field.

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