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Fiscal Management of the Malaysian Economy
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Fiscal Management of the Malaysian Economy
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Fiscal Management of the Malaysian Economy

Dawood Ali M. Mithani, Abdul Razak Chik & Juhary Ali, 2009

ISBN 978-983-3827-76-3, 179 pages, RM 50.00


Fiscal Management of the Malaysian Economy, with a unique approach, reveals how far the Federal Government of Malaysia has succeeded in managing the growth and development of its fiscal architecture towards macroeconomic balancing and contributing to the country’s favourable economic fundamentals in the global settings.  The book offers a combination of theoretical underpinnings and empirical analysis in understanding and appreciating the course of fiscal management of the Malaysian economy, in terms of government expenditure, taxation system, fiscal deficits and debt management, over the years since 1990.  


It draws several inferences for the insights and consideration of policy-makers in developing countries. “Along with its empirical analysis of the fiscal architecture in Malaysia, there is a focus toward augmentation of the policy makers’ insight on the fiscal issues and suggesting future course of direction in moulding the design of fiscal architecture in a developing countries”, Tan Sri Dr. Nordin Kardi, Vice Chancellor, Universiti Utara Malaysia. The volume caters to the varied needs of policy makers, academicians, students, researchers, business communities as well as general readers interested in the field of Public Finance.

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