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Greening The Supply Chain: Responsive and Responsible Approaches
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Greening The Supply Chain: Responsive and Responsible Approaches

Editor: Mohd Rizal Razalli, 2022

ISBN 978-967-2486-81-7, 185 pages, RM38.00

All organizations need to have an efficient and effective supply chain. The interconnected, interrelated and interlinked networks in today’s global business have pushed organizations to put greater emphasis on the supply chain to gain higher positive impact on their business bottom line. On the other hand, supply chain may also result in negative impact to the world due to the irresponsible business organizations. Despite the financial gain of the business, the environment and the society have to pay for the price of irresponsible actions of these organizations.


As a result, the concept of Green Supply Chain has emerged to be as a solution to various societal and environmental problems. The aim is to achieve more sustainable development in doing a business. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is the key and the climate change is the central issue to address today. This book discusses the importance of green supply chain to organizations and offers various suggestions to be green to the environment and society.


The content is divided into 3 main parts: (1) Overview of the green supply chain management, (2) Green Strategy and Operations, and (3) Green Cycle. It is hoped that the book be useful to all particularly to organizations as well as researchers in practicing and researching on a supply chain agenda. Ultimate aim is for us to be responsive and responsible in providing product and services to our customer, society and environment.

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