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A New Model of Childcare Centres in Malaysia
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A New Model of Childcare Centres in Malaysia

Yaty Sulaiman, 2022

ISBN 978-967-2486-86-2, 122 pages, RM35.00


Malaysia’s childcare industry has expanded dramatically over the years. Because of the vital role that formal early childhood education plays, the number of childcare centres in Malaysia has steadily increased and will continue to rise in the future. The expansion and improvement of comprehensive early childhood care and development programmes and services, particularly for the most vulnerable and underprivileged children, is one of the fundamental components of Malaysian childhood education. A good quality childcare centre provides overwhelming effects on the children’s development, survival, and growth because of their childcare experiences gained based on the wise enrolment decision made by their parents.


Furthermore, the quality of early childhood service and staff is a trademark of early childhood care and education programmes since the study on brain development has shown that the quality of childcare enhances children’s development. Therefore, it is believed that the quality of childcare nurtures healthy brain development in the first five years of development. Research has also shown that the quality of childcare contributes to successful later learning. The role of childcare employee is crucial in ensuring the development of children under their care. Studies showed that high job satisfaction among childcare employees contributed to a high level of commitment among them. Hence, the main objective of this book is to discuss a new standard of safety and quality assurance model of childcare to safeguard our future leaders or generations from receiving poor service.


This book considers ways to increase and sustain a person’s mental health, to cope with child abuse crises, as guidance to foster self-control and to cope with aggression. It also highlights the ways to build social concern, kindness, and learning to value different cultures. This book is suitable for use by all university students for reference purposes in their daily learning. In addition, this book is also suitable to be read by all employers and employees of the childcare centres as well as parents who send their children to the childcare centres to be used as a guide in their daily child’s care and management. In other words, this book is suitable to be read by all communities for self-awareness.

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