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1001 Sample Sentences With Errors
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1001 Sample Sentences With Errors

Abdul Kafi Osman, 2021

ISBN 978-967-2486-50-3, 156 pages, RM25.00

The ‘1001 Sample Sentences with errors’ module contains various kinds of incorrect sentences. The sentences were retrieved from selected students’ essays. The sample sentences were then analysed, edited and corrected. The module comes in two volumes, Module 1 and Module 2.


In constructing the sample answers, the author tries to make the least possible changes to the sample sentences so that the original meaning of the sentences are maintained. By doing so, it is hoped that students will learn how to do simple edits to their sentences and produce grammatically correct sentences. Therefore, this module aims to demonstrate how simple editing can help students write sentences correctly and save students from losing marks in their essay writing exercises or examination.


On the other hand, the author also tries to model how sample sentences can be rephrased into sentences that express meaning more clearly. Thus, students are also encouraged to rephrase the sample sentences and express the meaning of the sentences in dierent ways.

Students are also free to rephrase or simplify certain sample answers to keep it ‘short and sweet’. In performing the tasks, students can either retain or change the original meaning of the sample sentences or sample answers.

So it really depends on students’ creativity hence giving them greater chance to do a lot of practice on rephrasing/reconstructing sentences. Therefore, this module provides ample opportunities for students to perform a lot of rephrasing exercises which in the process will enhance their writing skills.


In short, this module tries to assist students in two ways:

-Encourage students to rephrase/reconstruct sample sentences hence giving them a lot of practice to write various kinds of sentences. (As in “A”)

-Guide students to do the corrections by using/choosing the sample answers from the options given. (As in “B”)


So please do not waste or discard your essay scripts. Go through them all over again and try to edit your own sentences. By doing so, gradually you will be able to improve the quality of your writing signicantly. Good sentences convey ideas precisely and concisely.

This module will guide you on how to correct your sentences. It can be used in class or as a ‘self-learning’ module and suitable for Forms 3, 4 and 5 students.

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